Attacks on our Catholic faith, whether subtle or blatant, should be of concern to all Catholics. These attacks have always been part of our history, but today they seem to be coming at us far faster and in greater quantity.

Often these attacks are simply the result of the failure of an author or commentator to verify their facts. At other times, the attacks are clearly made with malicious intent and demand a response.


Attacks on the Church can regularly be found in editorials, opinion columns, cartoons (in comic sections as well as on the editorial pages) and in “news” articles. As you read a newspaper and happen upon an item concerning the church ask yourself questions such as:

  • Did the reporters get their facts straight?
  • Did they check with any Catholic authorities for verification?
  • Were the stories balanced? (There is almost always more than one side to a story.)
  • Were negative aspects emphasized and positive aspects ignored?

Politician Scandal

When prominent, Catholic people, politicians, community leaders etc. take a public position on moral issues such as abortion which is contrary to Church teaching, they give great scandal to the Church. If left uncorrected they could mislead the faithful.

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