Fortnight for Freedom: A Call to Defend Religious Freedom

The Catholic Defense League asks all Catholics to join the annual “Fortnight for Freedom” campaign. From June 21 to July 4 we look at issues of religious freedom. We remember our sacred trust to ensure religious freedom in America.

Our Founding Fathers’ religious beliefs were not just privately held. They shaped their political thought and efforts. They believed the morality and order of religion showed the way to govern our nation.

Religious freedom was considered essential if we were to enjoy any other freedom. So they made religious liberty our first, and most cherished freedom, in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

Today religion is often seen as an enemy of secular virtues of choice, tolerance, and diversity. There is no freedom to deny blessing immoral or destructive choices. Yet the Supreme Court has ruled many times that freedom of religion is the most precious inalienable right next to life itself.

Religious freedom is not about worship. It’s about living our Faith and our Catholic identity in the public square. We are all called to join public debate about the issues determining the future of America.

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