CDL of Minnesota Runs Advertisement Debunking Pro-Abortion Propaganda

Today Catholic Defense League of Minnesota (CDLMN) sponsored an advertisement in the Minneapolis Star Tribune challenging the recent deceptive pro-abortion ad from a group calling itself “Catholics for Choice.”

“Our ad seeks to set the record straight on what is authentic Catholic teaching on abortion,” said Val Baertlein, spokesperson for CDLMN.  The ad cites the official Catholic teaching, including that found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It also encourages readers to visit and sign an online petition opposing the public funding of abortion (a full-size version of the advertisement is available on the site).

“Church teaching is very clear on this issue,” said Baertlein. There is absolutely no basis for associating the word “Catholic” with abortion as a “social justice value.”

Baertlein believes individuals involved in the funding, development and distribution of the “Catholics for Choice” advertisement have put their souls at risk, as well as the souls of others who may have been deceived by their ad.  Baertlein encouraged Catholics to pray for those who may be deceived—and the deceivers—with the hopes they will come to know and accept the truth.

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