Take Time to Learn Before Criticizing

Readers Write – Star Tribune Dec. 15


Take time to learn before criticizing

In “Women of the Bible were pivotal in their own right” (Dec. 10), the letter writer states: “A distortion of the story that begins in Genesis 25:23, deliberately sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church as part of its early efforts to devalue women,” has diminished the story of Rebekah.

Wow! Without any kind of support, the writer just blasts the Catholic Church. As a Catholic woman, I reject her appraisal. Folks, quit thinking you know anything about the Catholic Church without educating yourself, and that includes former Catholics who have had little catechesis.

Put some time in studying. Your first book should be “How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization.” If you read that, google some encyclicals, like Pope John Paul II’s Teaching on Women.

As a Catholic woman, I am valued, respected and spiritually alive. I am a source of strength and courage to all those around me. I really think I’ve had enough of Catholic-bashing from some of you! Most of you, sadly, do not know what you are talking about and are contributing to a lack of love within the Christian church.

Mary Claassen, West St. Paul

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