Minnesota Catholic Defense League Calls on MPR to Release All Information it has About Abuse Scandal

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Minnesota Catholic Defense League Calls on MPR to Release All Information it has About Abuse Scandal

Are they withholding important information that could protect children to favor their editorial schedule?

(St. Paul, MN) The Minnesota Catholic Defense League called on Minnesota Public Radio to immediately release all pertinent and credible information they have regarding any sexual abuse scandals.

“It has become clear that Minnesota Public Radio is in possession of information that might be relevant in preventing potential child abuse,” said David Strom, spokesman for the League.

“Over the last four months, Minnesota Public Radio has released a steady stream of stories about allegations of priest abuse,” said Strom.

“We find it disturbing and completely hypocritical for MPR to criticize the church for withholding information when, in fact, they appear to be holding back information to benefit their editorial schedule.”

The CDL pointed to a December 19th story involving a former Catholic priest accused of abuse. His name and possible misconduct was previously unknown to the public. CDL officials questioned why MPR waited until yesterday to release this story.

The accused former priest, Harry Walsh, is currently employed by Wright County as a sex education teacher, and has regular contact with vulnerable youth.

MPR’s story is very extensively reported and must have taken significant time to research.

CDL officials questioned whether MPR informed Wright County police of the potential for sex abuse, or even that there was a person with sex abuse allegations working with minors in their county?

The Catholic Defense League also calls on the calls on St. Paul Police to investigate whether MPR is withholding vital information from law enforcement and government officials. The CDL believes information revealed in the December 19th story should have been revealed earlier.

“Minnesota Public Radio should reveal all credible information about accused abusers who may still be in a position to harm people as soon as possible,” said Strom.

The Catholic Defense League in Minnesota was formed in 1976. It is dedicated to protecting religious and civil rights.


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