Is Minnesota Democratic Leadership Anti-Catholic?

Brian Melendez’s refusal to apologize for offensive ads leaves Catholics wondering

St. Paul – Yesterday the Catholic Defense League (CDL) issued a letter to Democrat-Farm-Labor (DFL) Party Chairman Brian Melendez demanding an immediate apology for political advertisements they believe denigrate the Catholic Church. The series of ads feature Catholic imagery superimposed with slanderous statements.  One of the postcards features a Catholic altar with a statute of St. Anthony holding the baby Jesus, an icon recognized by most Catholics.  A second features an image of a Catholic priest with a button that reads “Ignore the Poor.”

Instead of apologizing, Melendez has defended the mailings. He was quoted in yesterday’s Star Tribune as saying “these are good ads.”

“As if issuing these advertisements were not bad enough, Mr. Melendez has now added fuel to the fire by refusing to apologize to Catholics,” said Dick Houck, CDL’s president. “This leaves many people with the impression that Minnesota Democrat Party leaders are anti-Catholic.”

Melendez held a press conference yesterday in which he feigned ignorance that the images were Catholic in nature. This does not square with Melendez’s Catholic upbringing, however, who chose to leave the Church at age 12.

The DFL Party’s action has apparently caused huge riffs within party ranks.  Sources say that many DFL elected officials, some holding legislative leadership positions, are furious at the party’s paid headquarter staff in St. Paul.

“This appears to be another instance in which secular humanists are trying to undermine the moral authority of the Catholic Church,” said Pat Phillips, CDL board member. “They would like nothing better than to see the elimination of religious influence within our society.”

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